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(posted on 3 Nov 2016)

Oh, joy of joys. A sunny day!

It started our wettish, but by afternoon things had cleared off. We chose to remain dry, too. Walked the one path we've found that doesn't have standing water all over the trails. Last month was the wettest October on record, and the water table is exceptionally high. We humans skirt around most of the puddles, but the dog goes right through them and gets just filthy. We've bathed him twice now, and we wanted this last toilette to last a few days at least.

On the painting front, I did it in sessions. First I did an outline of Mt. Rainier, locating the main shadow areas. Then I left it to let the light get more interesting. Ha. I left it a bit too long and ran out of light for working. So I guessed at the colours and values, and here's the mountain late in the afternoon:

Mt. Rainier Late in the Day