Gretchen Markle

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(posted on 27 Oct 2016)

We're jinxed. We went from the wettest New Zealand winter/spring in years to the wettest October on recent record in the Pacific Northwest. Good thing we have great rain gear and waterproof (sorta) boots. Regardless, we took Shermie out for a walk in the woods. The trail was mostly underwater for the first bit, but we managed to skirt around the edges most of the time. Shermie didn't care. He just roared back and forth up the trail, happy as the proverbial pig. We had to wash him down when we got home, but he's nice and relaxed now.

Mount Rainier made a brief appearance this morning, looming under the cloud cover for a while before things socked in. I'm hoping to paint it in its full glory one of these days, but for now this glimpse is enough:

Mt. Rainier in the clouds