Gretchen Markle

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(posted on 26 Sep 2016)

There was light at the end of the day. This was partly because we are now on Daylight Savings Time, so it's still light at dinnertime. It was also because the skies cleared - sort of - late in the day, leaving some gaps in the cloud cover.

I think I'm growing gills. Even the checkout clerks at the grocery store were commenting on the lousy weather we've had since we arrived.

Listen to me whinge. It isn't that bad. It's just that with all this constant rain, we don't get many chances to get out and explore. Either we get soaked in the process, or the tracks are far too muddy to walk. When we get a good day, it's a blessing! (And we did get that week back in August when there were four sunny days. Honest.)

Clouds at Sunset