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(posted on 27 Sep 2016)

We had a lovely, dry walk today! We went over to Martins Bay, which is right next to Scandrett Regional Park. Usually we go to Scandrett, hike down the hill to the bay, and wander the long snady beach. Today we drove straight down to Martins Bay, parked there, hiked up the hill to Scandrett, sloped back down, and then walked the beach. Wow. Such excitement!

It's school holidays right now, so there were kids on the beach. Some were practising to be grown-up kiwis, clad only in shorts and barefoot even though the temps are in the mid-teens. Others had more layers but were nevertheless dabbling in the ocean. I wish I were young enough for my body to adjust. I'd love to be that tough! Regardless of their clothing, it's great to see kids playing on the beach.

When we got down to the south end, my sweetie went off to explore and read while I got out the paints. The cliffs are covered with yellow-flowering shrubs. I think they're Hypericum perforatum, a variety of St. John's Wort, and - judging by how prolific they are - most probably an invasive species down here. Whatever their status, they are rather pretty.

Cliffs at Martins Bay

Oh, I forgot to mention. We saw a Reef Heron (pretty well all grey, and quite a bit larger than the White-faced heron). Another new bird!