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(posted on 16 Oct 2016)

Here we are back on Vancouver Island, this time in the very tiddly enclave of Oak Bay. Actually, it's easy to see why the haves would want to live here. The streets are quiet; they're shaded by huge Garry oak trees; the gardens are invariably lovely; and, while there are many stately homes, there are also many modest, but sweet, little houses. Also, one can walk everywhere - either to the ocean or to the village centre with its choice of shops, galleries, pub, library, etc. It really is the best of urban living if you can afford to live here.

Oak Bay View


This is an Oak Bay tidbit. While this community has a reputation for being 'more English than the English', it's also very progressive. It was the first municipality in the Capital Regional District to have compost pick-up - and that started at least a decade ago. As well, they allow chickens (no roosters). We dropped by to see an old friend today, and she sent us home with four gorgeous eggs straight from the coop. Delicious!!!