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(posted on 29 Oct 2016)

It was a mixed bag day with sunny breaks. However, you wouldn't have known there was this horking great mountain just miles away on the mainland - unless you figured out that that is where all the clouds hang out. In the midst of the sunshine, there were no views of Rainier until late afternoon. And then suddenly, voilà, there it was, all clean and bright with fresh snow. Luckily, I had just stuck dinner in the oven, and my paints are always close by.

So away I went. And, as I worked and waited for the layers to dry, the clouds started moving back in, and we got:

Mt. Rainier Playing Hide & Seek

Note: We heard a Great Horned Owl early this morning. It's our first since we got back from the antipodes. Actually, it's probably our first in years, since we never heard any Great Horned Owls on Gabriola. (There, it was all Barred Owls, and lots of them!)