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(posted on 5 Nov 2016)

Today was a day of changes. Tomorrow, we head home to Vancouver Island. We had been schedulled to stay with friends, but they got the flu. Another friend who had extended an open invitation had renos starting tomorrow. What to do?

This is when the whole housesitting thing gets a little hairy. What do you do when your plans fall apart at the last minute, and even your backup plan strikes out? You improvise.

We ended up booking a couple of nights at a motel. There's a 'suite' which includes a kitchenette for only an extra $5. Since meals can run up the expenses pretty quickly, getting a place where we can cook for ourselves is the best option. (We often prefer our own meals, anyway.)

The beauty of a sudden revision is that you can throw anything into the mix... In the end, we decided to stay in the Cowichan Valley and take a gander at what it might offer in inexpensive housing. (We really do need a home base. Trying to do it all on the wing sounds great in theory, but not having a permanent address plays havoc with Canada Revenue, OAS & CPP, BC Medical Services, VISA, etc. As well, if we had a pied-à-terre, we'd always have someplace to go in between sits.)

In the meantime, the mountain keeps playing hide and seek:

Mt. Rainier at Dusk