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(posted on 2 Oct 2016)

I used the morning to do the big shop, last one before we leave. It meant running to and from the car, driving with headlights on, and dodging the huge puddles. Things lived up to the forecast today (a weather warning), complete with lightning and thunder and flooded roads. Then this afternoon the sky brightened up and, my goodness, it's almost decent out there.

Another day of 'kitchening'. Yesterday, I baked bread and granola, made soup stock and mayonnaise, and whipped up curry for dinner. Trying to get ahead of things so that when the weather clears (OMG, the sun just came out!!!), I can take advantage. Today, I made a huge batch of chicken soup. That will do a few lunches. Yum.

We Skyped last evening with a couple on the Canary Islands. Nice people who are aiming to live an off-grid life on Fuerteventura. Looks like we'll be taking care of the two dogs and the home front for them next summer. Boy, will that be a switch from this past one. (I hope we're not overreacting. It could get pretty hot and dry there. But won't that be wonderful? And new landscapes and new palettes. Yum.)

After the Storm


Here, landslides are called 'slips'. There have been a lot of them lately. The ground is so saturated that any amount of rain - let alone the drenchings that we've had the last couple of days - washes out the banks above and below the roadways. Last week, a whole major peninsula was cut off by washouts, and there have been more on highways today.